Dance Pointe Academy Student Testimonials

Kirsty Emslie 2002 - 2013 Professional Dancer on P&O Cruises

I attended Dance Pointe Academy as long as I can remember, from the age of three until I was seventeen I went to so many different styles of classes every single day of the week and I can easily say I absolutely loved all of them every time I went. When I decided I wanted to take my dancing further I got so much support from all the amazing teachers that work there.
At the young age of 12 Julie helped me gain confidence and encouraged me to attend monthly ballet classes at Ballet West Associates in Edinburgh which I stayed there for several years and also the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotlands summer schools too.
When I turned 17, I auditioned for Scottish Ballets Senior Associates weekly classes in Glasgow after Julie encouraging me to audition, to which I was successful I could not have done this without the amazing classes DPA were already providing me with at the same time.
I then began auditioning for Theatre Schools around the UK being succesful in a few auditions ,  decided to attend Dance For All Theatre School in Edinburgh. I went straight into second year due to DPA training me to a high enough exam standard.
After attending Dance For All for two years I managed to gain my ISTD Advanced 2 in Tap and Modern and also RAD Advanced 2 Ballet, plus my DDE Modern and Tap Teaching Qualifications and my HND in Professional Stage Dance. Again, I could not have managed this without Dance Pointe Academy and all the support of the teachers and especially Julie who was and still is cheering me on from the Sidelines!!
Since Graduating in 2015, I had been auditioning and working around Scotland in small Corporate events in a Dance Troupe called Twisted Perfection. I was then Successful in an audition for P&O's Headliners Theatre Company which is across most P&O cruise ships. I am now on my third back to back contract sailing all around the world after being lucky enough to do two contracts on the Oceana and now I am on the Arcadia.
I absolutely love my job and cannot thank Julie and Dance Pointe Academy enough for everything they have done for me over the past 18 years... I cannot put it into words!!
I still look forward to going in and visitng all the young students there now and seeing what they are up to and how much they have improved each time I am back. I made so many happy memories and friendships growing up here I wouldn't change it for the world!

Amanda Craig 2002 - 2015 Childcare development Woker / Dance Tutor

I danced with dance pointe academy since I was three years old and every single year it got better and better in my eyes!  At the beginning it was just for some fun and exercise but by the end of my time at DPA I had learnt so much more about dance. Julie had taught me about technique and how to really show how passionate I was about dancing through my moves. The studio was a place I could go to be myself and forget everything else that was happening around me. When I think of that studio I just think of how happy I was every time I was there. I met so many amazing people, some who are still my friends for life even though we've moved on to other things!

Dance pointe academy enabled me to attend dance college and without the support of Julie I would never have gone ahead and auditioned. Unfortunately I only lasted a few months due to injury but I've now been able to share my skills and use them volunteering at a local dance club . I also use my skills to teach some of the primary children in my workplace!

My knowledge of dancing will never leave me, I will always have that urge to do it all again! And I am forever thankful to Julie for everything she did for me and how she has made my time at Dance Pointe Academy the most unforgettable experience. 

Caitlin Charters 2010- 2016 Professional Dancer

Dance Pointe Academy gave me so many invaluable life skills along with excellent and rigorous training. Throughout my years at DPA, I gained confidence, a hard work ethic and a passion and love for dance and movement. The teachers at Dance Pointe create such a positive and encouraging environment where you're free to create and explore without fear of judgement. To me, it became not just my studio but my family, where everyone supports and grows with one another.

The quality of the training I received was second to none and allowed me, in the six years that I trained there, to be accepted into the MGA Academy of Performing Arts to study professional stage dance. I have now gained a BA Hons in dance from MGA.

Amy Wharton 2003 - 2016 Professional Dancer

My 13 years at dance pointe academy were amazing, I gained so much through my time here. I started with one or two classes and worked up to six, each class offers different ways to improve your dance ability. The classes are always a nice environment to let your self go and just enjoy what you're doing. The support is great not only from teachers but from classmates.

I am now hold a BA (Hons) degree from the MGA academy of performing arts and the support I got from the teachers at dance pointe academy leading up to the audition was amazing. The skills I came away from dance pointe academy with really helped me in starting dance full time.

Kirsty Wardhaugh 2002 - 2016 Dancer / Choreographer

Dance Pointe Academy did wonders for my training and development as a dancer as I studied all techniques, not only for my confidence and self belief but in everyday situations.

Since I was little, I have always wanted to be a dance teacher and the teachers at Dance Pointe Academy helped shape me into my own person and it was the best opportunity I could be given for starting my career. Even when I started Vocational Training and then moved on to two consecutive dance contracts, the teachers at Dance Pointe Academy were a constant source of guidance and support.

I had the best time ever training/teaching there!!!